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Ready To Get Serious About Your Oral Health?

ARE YOU READY TO get off the dental merry-go-round and get serious about your oral health?

What Is The Dental Merry-Go-Round?

If you have excellent dental care and have always done what’s best to care for your teeth and mouth then you are to be commended. But I want to address a different crowd here. Those of you on the “dental merry-go-round.” You know who you are and what I mean by merry-go-round.

I want to talk to the procrastinators and those who know they have dental issues but have put things off. Or those who choose to patch things for now and eventually get things fixed right “someday” but someday never comes. Maybe some of you have even been going to the dentist for a while but don’t really follow through with your dentist’s instructions.

Perhaps you see a dentist for a time but then fall away and a few years go by. Then you return only to be frustrated that you have more cavities or other dental issues and the cycle continues. Other merry-go-round riders erroneously follow the motto, “I’ll get my teeth fixed when I have dental insurance,” unaware that dental “insurance” is not insurance at all and won’t rescue them.

As a dentist for 30 years I see all kinds of people who ride the dental merry-go-round. Round and round in a circle they go with their health getting nowhere. A big waste of time all while their dental health deteriorates just going round and round in circles until either pain or circumstance necessitates a dental visit. But then it’s right back on the ‘ol merry-go-round.

Take Control Of Your Health

Now let me offer you an alternative to the merry-go-round. A dental future where you are in control of your health and not left to chance. All it takes is for YOU to get serious and make a commitment to your health. It’s easier than you think BUT it’s totally up to YOU! Nobody can rescue YOU but YOU. So if you’re tired of riding the dental merry-go-round and want a better future for your dental health, call us, you won’t regret it! We’ll be your partner in helping you to a future of health.

But now I can hear some of you raising some objections. Fair enough, let’s try and answer these now:

  1. But I don’t have dental insurance and won’t it be expensive? Yes no doubt that neglect can lead to some big problems that have costly solutions. We can show you several options to make your care affordable. Dental insurance is not the same as medical insurance and is very limiting. Basing your health on dental insurance is a big mistake. More to the point, by waiting any longer nothing is going to get less expensive and dental disease can only get worse, so the best and least expensive time is always “now.”
  2. I’m embarrassed by my teeth. You won’t have anything I haven’t seen before and me and my staff won’t give any lectures or make any judgements. We’re glad you made the decision to take control of your future and we want to work with people who are “serious” about their health. So we’ll treat you with the care we would want to be treated with ourselves.
  3. I’m afraid of the dentist. First of all, you are not alone; many people are frightened by the thought of dental work. Modern dentistry has come a long way in advancing gentle dental care. To that end our office has several solutions for helping with dental anxiety. Sometimes just a word of encouragement is all that is needed but for those more fearful, Dr. Henley and his team have been successfully offering sedation dentistry for over 25 years! Sedation dentistry is safe and can take the fear factor and throw it out the window! Another advantage of sedation dentistry is that it can often accomplish more procedures in fewer appointments cutting down the number of appointments. We know your time is valuable.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to get serious and take control of your dental future? Ready to get off the dental merry-go-round? You’ll be glad you did. Call us and let us be your partner in a new dental future based on health and longevity! 402-778-0218

Top image by Flickr user Samantha Marx used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.
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