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Just Another New Year’s Procrasti-lution…Or a Real Commitment to Health?

(Or: Do You Feel Lucky Punk? Well Go Ahead, Make My Day!)

NO, THAT’S NOT A TYPO in the headline and it’s not a word in the dictionary. Procrasti-lution is the name I give for all the New Year’s resolutions that never see the light of day or make it past 1st base. Resolutions for good intentions and ideas that sadly never get acted on or even get started. More like New Year’s “procrastinations” rather than New Year’s resolutions, procrasti-lution is resolving to procrastinate!!!

Good Dental Health Requires Action

Generally speaking when it comes to health nothing magically improves on its own without a little commitment and action and when it comes to people’s teeth there’s no difference. Dental disease only gets worse with time, never better and often can be painless so that the average person is unaware of its existence until its too late. We know there are many links to our overall health with the health of our teeth and gums. Science has shown this over and over. We also know from research that people place a high value on the power of a smile, whether from a social perspective or from the perspective of getting ahead in the business world… a smile seems to be an important trait.

Yet with all this knowledge about the importance of the smile to our physical, mental, and social health there are still far too many people who ignore their teeth and the health benefits having healthy teeth would bring.

Are You Ready To Make A Real Commitment To Dental Health?

So what about some of you reading this who maybe haven’t seen a dentist in some time? Are you going to make yet another New Year’s “Procrasti-lution” and convince yourself all will be alright or are you going to make a real commitment to health? Perhaps some of you are thinking you’ll just wait till something hurts to which I’ll answer with the sub headline of this article, “Do you feel lucky punk? Go ahead, make my day!” (Or the day of some dentist), as pain usually is a sign of a more advanced problem and more advanced problems usually mean more time and expense.

It actually doesn’t make my or any dentists day to see people who waited too long but please let’s not not even go down that road, make a commitment today to get an appointment and see what modern dentistry can do for you. Even if you have more complex issues there are many advancements in dentistry that can help and many solutions can be staged over time to fit your schedule and budget. All it takes is a resolution on your part to take that first step and make a call, you’ll be glad you did.

Call Today For A Complimentary Consultation

We’ll help you make that first step. Call our office, mention this article and ask for a complimentary consultation…we’ll show you what modern dentistry can do for you. We have an experienced friendly caring staff and no lectures, no matter how long since you’ve seen a dentist. Make that commitment to good health now…well go ahead, make my day!

Dr. Ken


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