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A Healthy Smile Once again Voted Most Important Yet Why All the Frowns?

Recently I posted yet another survey demonstrating the value the public places on a healthy smile. Here’s a link to it:!/pages/Armbrust-Dental-PC/303890302988640
Sadly the study goes on to document how as many as 44% don’t take the time to care for their teeth. There are many studies that indicate that the public places a high value on a smile. An AACD study found that 9 out of 10 Americans agree that an attractive smile is an important social asset and that a further 3 out of 4 thought that an unattractive smile can hurt one’s career chances yet only 50% of Americans are satisfied with their smile?

As a dentist that makes me very sad that so many see a smile as important yet so many are unhappy with their smiles especially knowing what dentistry has to offer to help these people! Thinking about this I wonder how many people are unaware of what can be done and how cosmetic dentistry can literally change their lives. At our office cosmetic dentistry can address and correct problems such as:
-cracked, broken down teeth
-darkened, yellowed, or greyed teeth
-worn teeth rejuevenating old looking teeth
-obsolete crowns and fillings that look brown or show dark lines
-too large, small, or thin teeth
-unwanted gaps or dark spaces or missing teeth
-gummy smiles where too much gum shows
-crooked or mismatched teeth where the teeth are out of proportion
-decayed or unhealthy teeth
-blackened or dark silver fillings that show when smiling
Many of these problems are not as complex as you would think to correct and in some cases a new smile can be had in as little as two weeks or even less!

Of course another issue holding some up can be costs. Let’s talk about costs. Some cosmetic procedures are not as costly as you might believe and some are helped by insurance coverage. Others can seem costly on the surface but let me comment on that just for a moment. I can think of few things as important as our teeth. What else do we use every single day that so many deem to have such a large social impact? We use our teeth to eat the foods we like to keep our bodies strong and healthy. How we chew our food has a direct impact on our digestion and overall health! And what else besides a smile can we use to show such a wide variety of emotions? We show approval with a smile and smile at those we love…what could be more imprtant than that? People have no problem spending money on vacations, big screen tvs, expensive jewelry, & new cars yet have an issue with spending money on something as important as their own teeth that they will use everyday for the rest of their lives that can impact their health and overall well being? But having said that I understand costs can be a concern for some so give us a call and talk with our financial expert Stephany. She can show you options to make your dream smile a reality by making it affordable for you and your situation.

Lastly I can hear some of you saying, “Great, but I’m too old for that.” Frankly I’ve never understood that thinking? When are we too old to smile and like what we see and have others like what they see when we smile? I’ve had patients as young as their 20’s and as old as their 80’s have their smiles enhanced! Personally I don’t judge people by their age as who am I to say someone is too old to look their best? Almost to a person everyone I have ever helped to enhance their smile has told me they wished they had done this a long time ago. I’ve seen many tears of joy and received many hugs from happy patients when they first see their new smiles.

So if you are unhappy with your smile don’t frown and don’t wait thinking you can’t do anything. Give us a call and let us give you some options that may very well change your life and truly give you something to smile about! You’ll be happy you did!

Dr. Ken

PS…Still not sure about what cosmetic dentistry can do for you or how it fits your situation? Mention this blog and come in for a Free consultation! I will look at your teeth and discuss potential options with you to give you a better understanding of your situation. So don’t wait call me today!


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